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Alien in the olive grove

Machine in the darkIt was dark when I got home. Standing on the front deck, I looked out into the pitch blackness towards the olive grove. I knew something was out there. I grabbed a flashlight and went down into the grove.

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The making of the book trailer

Moon Over Martinborough by Jared GulianSometimes the right people land on your front door at just the right time. That’s what happened when I was thinking about a book trailer and two fabulous HelpX volunteers  came to stay with us: Emilie and Jeremie.

I didn’t realize right away just how kind the universe was being.

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TVNZ’s Breakfast visits the Moon

Jared Gulian standing in an olive grove“We think we need to fly you to Auckland,” Jennifer said on the phone. She’s my publicist at Random House New Zealand.

“What for?” I asked.

“To be on TVNZ’s Breakfast. They want to talk to you.”

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Twas a Moon over Martinborough Christmas

Santa's sleigh and reindeer in front of a full moon.Of course in New Zealand it’s summer at Christmas, and nobody would dream of putting on a big red suit that’s lined in fur.

Here’s my rendition of the famous poem, Kiwi Olive Grove style…

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Make your own olive oil in 23 easy steps

Olive crates from the harvestThere are many ways to make your own olive oil. This is my own personal recipe. Feel free to modify it to make it work for you.

In my experience, there are three essential things you’ll need: good olives, good friends, and good neighbors.

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