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Carrot cake everyone wants

Carrot cakeThis is just one of the recipes that appears in the bestselling book, ‘Moon Over Martinborough,’ from Random House New Zealand.

“Why won’t you share it?” I asked CJ. We were standing in the kitchen, looking at a carrot cake recipe written on the back of a long, white envelope.

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Getting intimate with a cast sheep

Sheep in front of the olive grove“There’s a sheep down in your paddock,” our neighbor Jim said over the phone. He’d been working along the fenceline when he saw the sheep. “It looks pretty sick,” he said.

I immediately called Hamish. The sheep belong to him.

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Old Man Henry and the chook house race wars

Red rooster against a blue wallOld Man Henry is our geriatric rooster. He is mangy and decrepit. The feathers on his head are just quill stubble. He’s half blind, bow-legged, and he pauses strangely after every step. On certain misty mornings, when the light is right, he looks as though he’s stepped out of some twisted chicken fancier’s version of Dawn of the Dead.

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Make your own olive oil in 23 easy steps

Olive crates from the harvestThere are many ways to make your own olive oil. This is my own personal recipe. Feel free to modify it to make it work for you.

In my experience, there are three essential things you’ll need: good olives, good friends, and good neighbors.

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