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Storytelling on Radio NZ

In 2013 Radio New Zealand asked me to read 11 episodes from my book ‘Moon Over Martinborough’. Below are links to the podcasts.

Part 1: Getting intimate with a cast sheep & The first time I saw the trees (11:20)
In this introductory double episode, I get intimate with a cast sheep and then go back in time to tell the story of how CJ dragged me out to the country.

Part 2: Meeting the neighbors (5:39)
CJ and I move in to our new house in the country with the help of our city friends, and a neighbor comes knocking at the door.

Part 3: Invaded by woolly monsters (6:28)
On a hot December day, we are invaded by woolly monsters.

Part 4: Giant beings in the bottom paddock (5:06)
Suddenly we’ve got giant beings in the bottom paddock, and it’s magical.

Part 5: The ballad of the broody hen (5:59)
Ethel, one of the Fat English ladies, transforms into a growling, rabid beast. What was I to do?

Part 6: The very first olive harvest (6:30)
CJ and I invite the city friends out to help with the olive harvest, and we visit the press as the amazing oil appears.

Part 7: CJ wants a pet pig (6:14)
CJ announces that he wants a pet pig, and I absolutely refuse. Of course CJ prattles on about the pig for some time, and I finally give in.

Part 8: Old Man Henry fades (5:20)
Our geriatric rooster starts laying on our hen’s eggs, and I know something’s wrong.

Part 9: My first time pickling olives (5:28)
The first time I ever tried to pickle olives, it all went smoothly. Right? Wrong.

Part 10: One sick pig (5:53)
CJ’s beloved pet pig, Old Lady Lucy, gets sick while CJ is away.

Part 11: The olive muse and Moore Wilson’s (4:55)
My very first olive oil tasting, where I talk to real live humans.


Radio NZ: Olive oil industry growing (8:48)
Aired on 6 January 2014.

Newstalk ZB: Tim Fookes Show
Aired on 25 July 2013.

Radio NZ: Afternoons with Jim Mora (25:12)
Aired on 17 June 2013.

Newstalk ZB: Justin du Fresne Show (14:52)
Aired on 15 June 2013.

RadioLIVE: The Home & Garden Show (7:53)
Aired on 8 June 2013. Interview by Helen Jackson and Tony Murrell.

Radio NZ: Country Life (24:35)
Aired on 22 July 2011. Includes a fabulous recording of the pigs! Amelia Nurse visits our Martinborough olive grove to see how ‘Rick’ and I are faring with our trees. (This was recorded back when I used to call CJ by his blog pseudonym, ‘Rick’. So don’t let it confuse you. That’s really CJ. Read about his name change here.)

Radio NZ: Country Life – Bonus audio (3:09)
Bonus online audio from the 22 July 2011 interview. This is chicken heartbreak. The story of the late blooming love of Old Man Henry and Francoise the Aracauna.


Newstalk ZB: Tilly Lloyd Talks Books
Aired 11 July 2013. Tilly Lloyd, the Book Goddess of Unity Books, discusses my book ‘Moon Over Martinborough’ with Tim Fookes.

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Sun on the fence by the olive grove

3 thoughts on “Podcasts

  1. fatness now fitness

    Until I listened to part 2 I didn’t realise that there was so much New Zealand lingo already in our family – how could you not call a barbie a barbie? – the charcoal and cold beer version that is.

  2. fatness now fitness

    That is so cool I only know them as patio doors or sliding doors – doorwall – sounds much better – I love the chess playing – rocket ship building sheep MP3 – episode 3 – well worth a listen folks.

    Perhaps not if you actually need a text on sheep management but very entertaining!


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