Closing down and saying goodbye

Thanks Scrabble Letters WordI’m getting ready to shut down this website and move into the next phase of my writing life. I’m very excited.

The sad thing is that if you’re a ‘follower’ of this blog, you will no longer get updates from me. BUT… there’s hope!

I’m moving to a gorgeous new self-hosted WordPress website, and I’m giving away a free short story to folks who subscribe to email updates from the new website.

The story is called ‘The Strange Case of the Chicken Assassin.’

The Strange Case of the Chicken Assassin - Cover 3DDrama! Danger! Death! Chickens! What more could you want?

Subscribe to email updates and get the free short story. Just follow the link below and we won’t lose each other in the vast void of Cyberspace.

Subscribe to

Hope to see you in my new home!

All the best,



3 thoughts on “Closing down and saying goodbye

    1. Jared Gulian Post author

      Hmmm… I suspect you’re subscribed once to the old site and once to the new. The old site will die shortly so not a problem! Thanks for subscribing!


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